Who is driving your Life?

Today we have the 13th so an extremely powerful day for you take control and be the driver with a plan.

My sister is great at teaching me about who is the driver and who is the passenger.  When ever I am riding with her and the horse is not doing what I want she will remind me that I have become the passenger.

Sometimes we become passengers without even knowing.  With todays society, social media, TV, celebrities being paid to endorse products or ideas we get pulled into the world wind of excitement and forget the reality.

Even I can get in the passengers seat without realising.  The best thing with me though is I may get into the passenger seat for a little while but once I realise I step back into the drivers seat.  Life is far too short to allow someone else to choose for you.

YOU’VE GOT CHOCIE – every single minute of every single day.

So how did I get into the passenger sit the other day?  Well I heard about this dance club Rock a Billy.  Sounded like fun, then I asked what time and what night?  They said Monday at 7.00pm  then I thought I really like to watch a programme on TV at that time so declined the invite.  But you know what, yesterday I was chatting with a client and realised the TV programme had placed me in the passenger sit and was driving my time schedule.  I only had to ask myself one question – do I love dancing.  Would the dance class give me more then the TV show.  The answer was absolutely so now I am booked in. I will let you know more about it once I start.

So, for today become the driver not the passenger in your life.  Have an awesome day.

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